About us

MomandkidzStyle is your one stop shop for all things fashion related.

MomandkidzStyle is a Online Store we're you can shop's hundred's of Different style of women's and kids fashion in very Affordable price, its like a one stop shop for everyone, including for our little ones. MomandkidzStyle embrace variety in fashion and aim to meet the continually evolving style needs of our customers. from classic, timeless to trendy look and workday to weekend, we recognize the necessities in a wardrobe and seek to always provide you with on-trend, transitional styles that are readily available. We also offers Pre-owned Designer's Brand that you will surely loved, MomandkidzStyle always finds a way for a sustainable fashion.

Our goal is to offer fashionable clothing, including bags, shoes and accessories that will make you feel beautiful and confident. We at MomandkidzStyle are committed to providing a quality shopping experience and excellent customer service to every person who chooses to shop with us. 

Our Story

How It Got Started...

My name is Michelle and I am the owner of MomandkidzStyle. I am the wife to an amazing husband Rick and a full-time mother to my two kids, Princess and Ricky. I'm originally from Manila Philippines, where I started my career in online business thru social media. I loved to join and get invited in different bazaar events. It made such a good learning experience socializing and getting to know people and what they need and looking for fashion. When we moved here to United states I became a stay a home mom, raising our family with the help of my husband. Despite how busy being a mom can get, I managed to find time to pursue my passion, and I believe there is nothing impossible when you love what you doing. I saw an opportunity when I discovered poshmark. I became obsessed in the reselling business, and eventually became an Poshmark Ambassador. I got to know a lot of people, and with the help of poshmark and youtube it took my business to the next level. Momandkidzstyle became a family owned business in September of 2019. Little did I know, the fashion world would soon become a passion of mine. Starting this online store with the support of my Husband and kids, dear friends and family and my Faith in God.

Not only did I want to help mom's feel beautiful but i also wanted our little ones to feel confident and comfortable in what they're wearing. That's why in Momandkidzstyle we offer affordable style of fashion for every ages.